Solaris 10 – clean up the device tree after lun removal

Image Credits: Oracle Solaris.

Cleaning up the Operating System device tree after removing LUNs – Solaris 10 example

You must clean up the device tree after removing LUNs (e.g Netapp, EMC) . The OS commands may vary for Solaris versions.

Be careful – this worked on Solaris 10

To clean up the device tree after you remove LUNs

  1. The removed devices show up as drive not available in the output of the format command:
    413. c3t5006048ACAFE4A7Cd252 <drive not available>
  2. After the LUNs are unmapped using Array management or the command line, Solaris also displays the devices as either unusable or failing.
    bash-3.00# cfgadm -al -o show_SCSI_LUN | grep -i unusable
    c2::5006048acafe4a73,256   disk  connected  configured unusable
    c3::5006048acafe4a7c,255   disk  connected  configured unusable
    bash-3.00# cfgadm -al -o show_SCSI_LUN | grep -i failing
    c2::5006048acafe4a73,71    disk  connected configured  failing
    c3::5006048acafe4a7c,252   disk  connected configured  failing
  3. If the removed LUNs show up as failing, you need to force a LIP on the HBA. This operation probes the targets again, so that the device shows up as unusable. Unless the device shows up as unusable, it cannot be removed from the device tree.
    luxadm -e forcelip /devices/pci@1d,700000/SUNW,qlc@1,1/fp@0,0:devctl
  4. To remove the device from the cfgadm database, run the following commands on the HBA:
    cfgadm -c unconfigure -o unusable_SCSI_LUN c2::5006048acafe4a73
    cfgadm -c unconfigure -o unusable_SCSI_LUN c3::5006048acafe4a7c
  5. Repeat step 2 to verify that the LUNs have been removed.
  6. Clean up the device tree. The following command removes the /dev/rdsk… links to /devices.
    $devfsadm -Cv

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