Month: July 2017

WEBLOGIC install

Installation of Weblogic Application Server Copy the install files to the Linux machine, using Winscp or the mv command as mentioned in the basic commands section Grant all permissions to the file : chmod a+x wls1033_linux32.bin Run the bin file to start the installation ./wls1033_linux32.bin Until the Choose the Home Directory option comes, Choose the […]

How to remove ghost LUN in Solaris

sometimes we have leftover phantom or ghost luns: Removing a ghost LUN in Solaris – First make sure it’s not in use First thing I do is make sure that the disk isn’t under control of STMS or Veritas. The two most likely disk management packages.  # stmsboot -L  or # vxdisk list  whatever_disk If the disks are […]

Linux Multiple Gateways

example use: one gateway to send outgoing traffic. Other traffic use the other gateway. Two Gateways below for example: gw1 : gw2 : Create a virtual interface which will be used by processes that need to send traffic to gateway gw2: $ ifconfig eth0:1 Create a definition and give a name to […]



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