Month: June 2017

Supermicro IPMI Device Configuration Using IPMICFG

  On Supermicro servers, IPMI can be configured either by using an open-source utility called IPMItool or by using BIOS through a VGA console or by using IPMICFG (Supermicro proprietary tool). This article focuses on using IPMICFG. A CLI-based, command-line utility, IPMICFG can be executed on DOS, Windows, and Linux. It provides both standard IPMI and Supermicro […]

Resetting the Root Password of RHEL-7 / systemd

Environment Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Issue How to reset the root password of a RHEL-7 / systemd ? RHEL-7 ask for a root password even after booting in Single user mode. Not able to change the root password in single user mode Resolution 1) Boot your system and wait until the GRUB2 menu appears. […]

How to create the yum repository on RHEL 7

How to create the yum repository on RHEL 7 ? There is no much difference in package management  in  RHEL 7 when we compared to RHEL 6 . We can set up the yum repository using the DVD or you can dump the DVD contents to the filesystem and set-up it. Later on , you can make that […]

RHEL 7: gain access to VM during boot process

*possible uses would be to reset root password or if selinux results in freezing and cannot boot at the GRUB 2 menu type e to edit at the kernel line (starting with linux16) add the following statements at the end rd.break enforcing=0 or rd.break selinux=0 note: rd.break asks for break at early stage of booting, […]



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