WEBLOGIC install

Installation of Weblogic Application Server
Copy the install files to the Linux machine, using Winscp or the mv command as
mentioned in the basic commands section
Grant all permissions to the file :
chmod a+x wls1033_linux32.bin
Run the bin file to start the installation
Until the Choose the Home Directory option comes, Choose the default options and
naviagate to the next section
Home Directory Selection
“Middleware Home” = [Enter new value or use default
Enter new Middleware Home OR [Exit][Previous][Next]> /usr/local/weblogic103
Confirm the location and proceed
For registering for the security updates – Choose Yes or NO and give the appropriate
details if you choose Yes
Installation type Selection
Choose Typical – type 1
Choose the default values for Product installation directory
Click next on the Installation Information and Progress
After 100%, Weblogic Application Server installation is complete
Post Installation Steps:
$cd /common/bin
$sh quickstart.sh
This will give the UI to create user domains. After creating , the following are the commands to
start and stop the appserver
To start the server:
Navigate to WebLogic Server: [/usr/local/weblogic103/wlserver_10.3]
$cd /user_projects/domains//bin
Tackling Linux – a Tester’s Cheat Sheet
To start the server:
Navigate to WebLogic Server: [/usr/local/weblogic103/wlserver_10.3]
$cd /user_projects/domains//bin
$./ stopWebLogic.sh

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