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Credit: CertDepot: Presentation For this tutorial, you need 2 virtual/physical servers for the load-balancers and 2 virtual/physical servers to load-balance. In addition to the 4 IP addresses needed by the servers themselves, a fifth virtual IP address (VIP) is necessary. The two load-balancers and the VIP need to be in the same network segment. Piranha […]

Linux Multiple Gateways

example use: one gateway to send outgoing traffic. Other traffic use the other gateway. Two Gateways below for example: gw1 : gw2 : Create a virtual interface which will be used by processes that need to send traffic to gateway gw2: $ ifconfig eth0:1 Create a definition and give a name to […]

Digital Black Hole /dev/null

anything sent to /dev/null will be eaten like a digital black hole ONLY try this on test VM if you want to destroy ! ┬ádo not cut and paste on live or production systems – use at your own risk. For testing purposes only – DESTRUCTIVE COMMAND! mv / /dev/null

NMAP – scan for unused or down IP’s

nmap -v sn -n -oG – | awk ‘/Status: Down/{print $2}’ -sn (No port scan) . This option tells Nmap not to do a port scan after host discovery, and only print out the available hosts that responded to the scan. This is often known as a “ping scan”, but you can also request […]


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